Diablo 4 – How to Complete Keeping the Old Traditions
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There are multiple side quests that you can complete in Diablo 4. These side quest range from fetch quests, exploring dungeons, taking out special enemies that spawn on the map, or fulfilling specific objectives with vague instructions. The Keeping the Old Traditions side quest is one of these obscure quests.

The exact way you complete this quest is extremely vague, and you have little details beyond a small amount of text. We had a good amount of trouble trying to figure it out, but we were able to find the solution at long last. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Keeping the Old Traditions in Diablo 4.

Keeping the Old Traditions Quest Solution in Diablo 4

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The Keeping the Old Traditions quest can be found in the Untamed Scarps in Diablo 4. This is a region in the Dry Steppes, where you can also find the Jirandai town and the Temple of Rot. It is to the south of Ked Bardu, the larger city of the region.

When you arrive, there will be a book on the ground that appears to only be available at nighttime. The quest only appeared on our map while night had fallen in Diablo 4. It did not appear during the day, and we’d need to verify if this is true from other players, but this seemed to be the case when we tried looking for this quest during the day and then later found it once night had fallen.

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The book will say, “Though timeworn, you endure. Before your colorful, I say: Yes, keep our traditions!” There will be a waypoint on your map to a nearby statue that you need to find, and there will be no indication of what you need to do next, but it tells you that you continue to follow the Old Traditions and perform it in front of this statue.

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When you arrive at the statue, open up your Emote Wheel, and look for the “Yes!” emote. Attach this to the wheel, and perform it before the statue. Upon doing so, this will complete the quest, and you’ll have properly respected the statue, following in the old ways. This quest is a little tricky because it does little to guide you to this answer, outside of placing a big “Yes!” in the quest text, providing the only possible hint to the proper solution for this Diablo 4 side quest.

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