Zom 100 Chapter 59 Release Date, Time, and Chapter 58 Spoilers
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Zom 100 makes an exciting return for our monthly dive into a post-apocalyptic Japan teeming with zombies and opportunities! The chapter might pivot away from the recent romantic subplot, but there’s no shortage of exciting moments this time around with lots of pop culture homages. If you’re a slasher fan, this is the story arc for you, with Izuna and Takemina going on a hitchhiking adventure in “Haunted Manor of the Dead!” Get ready for the release date of Zom 100 Chapter 59 to see what comes next!

Zom 100 Chapter 59 Release Date, Time, and Countdown

Zom 100 will release on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. It will be available at 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT / 8 PM ET on the VIZ Media Zom 100 portal and the VIZ Manga reader app! Each chapter is released monthly, but don’t forget about the ongoing anime!

Zom 100 Chapter 59
Release Date Countdown

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With a maniacal, mysterious killer on the loose, it’s good to keep an eye out for exactly when the next chapter of Zom 100 drops! Here is our Chapter 59 release time zone guide!

Time Zone Release Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver) 5:00 PM PST
Mountain Time (Calgary, Denver) 6:00 PM MST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina) 7:00 PM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto) 8:00 PM EST
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton) 9:00 PM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time) 9:00 PM BST
UK and Ireland October 18, 1:00 AM GMT
Europe October 18, 2:00 AM CEST
Moscow October 18, 3:00 AM MSK
India October 18, 5:30 AM IST
Vietnam and Thailand October 18, 7:00 AM ICT
Philippines October 18, 8:00 AM PHT

In Chapter 58, item #89 is cleared off the list, but at what cost?

RECAP: Zom 100 Chapter 58 Spoilers and What to Expect in Chapter 59

With Akira and Shizuka dating, things are progressing as you might expect: Akira bumbles affectionately and Shizuka bucks his every attempt to find a pet name. It’s sweet(?) but now comes a call for a diversion: their vehicle’s gas ran out. However, Takemina and Izuna volunteer to seek out gas, seeing electric lights in the distance and suggesting access to other forms of power including fuel.

This leads them to cross off item #89, “Hitchhike” which brings them across some fellow travelers. They stop at a spooky manor in hopes of finding what they need, but in doing so, they awaken some massive horror tropes. The main couple in the vehicle stays behind to get frisky in unknown territory, only to find themselves killed, and a hammer-wielding maniac now stalks Takemina and Izuna. But the bright side is, this is potentially another item off the list, #77: “Have a Scare Dare!”

– This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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