American Arcadia Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)
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American Arcadia Walkthrough – Table of Contents

  1. Prologue & Chapter 1 (Scenes 1-3) – Prologue, Server Room
  2. Chapter 1 (Scenes 4-6) – Backstage, Roofs, Crane
  3. Chapter 2 (Scenes 7-8) – Hotel, Swan Puzzle
  4. Chapter 2 (Scenes 9-11) – Ride, Badge, Luggage Puzzle
  5. Chapter 3 (Scenes 12-13) – Central Station, Lobby, Steganography Puzzle
  6. Chapter 3 (Scenes 14-15) – Blue Fountain Mall, Parking Garage Puzzle
  7. More parts coming soon!


  1. Demo Version Walkthrough

Check out our walkthrough of American Arcadia to find out how to escape from the helicopter and then the water treatment station.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for American Arcadia!

For more information on American Arcadia beyond this walkthrough, be sure to check out the official website here.

Chapter 4 (Contd.)

Scene 18

Keep going right, running through a familiar segment as you do.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Eventually, the helicopter will begin to make shooting runs toward the camera and then away from it. You must take cover from either direction, depending on the helicopter’s position.

Start by taking cover at the building right below the ledge, and then run to the structure to the right. Hide behind it until the helicopter goes past, and then run right.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Skip the first structure (which hides you from the camera) and hide behind the second one, which will protect you from the next helicopter run.

This cover can be dragged, so start dragging it to the right. As it’ll protect you from the helicopter, you don’t need to stop until you’re behind the next cover.

Wait for the helicopter to pass by (away from the camera) and then run right to bring down the wooden board. Then run back to the movable cover and wait for the helicopter to go away from the camera again.

Drag the movable cover to the right over the wooden plank, then climb the cover and onto the roof.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

You should hide behind the huge pipe here to stay hidden from the helicopter (and the camera).

Once the helicopter has passed, go right and hide behind the three pipes coming out of the building ahead. Once again, wait for the helicopter to go away from the camera and go right.

Remember to stay hidden behind the building’s wall, as it’s easy to slip out right when the helicopter is making its run.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Take cover below the slope and then go right to use the blue machine, which controls the water level in the next section. Wait for the water to go down, taking cover from the helicopter as necessary.

Then, jump to the right and make a run for the small shed. The best time to do this is right when the helicopter turns to approach the camera.

Continue right, taking cover as necessary, and slide down the slope ahead.

Be sure to jump at the right time, so that you enter the broken pipe. Go right, evading the helicopter’s flashlight as you do, and you’ll jump from a high ledge.

Scene 19

Keep going right and jump on the wooden plank once as you go.

Eventually, the helicopter will execute a turning maneuver – start running left now (provided you’re clear of the flashlight) and return to the wooden plank. Jump twice on it to fall through.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

You’ll end up at the Water Treatment Station 4. Drop down from the platform you’re on and then drop down once more to find a control panel.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Use the control panel twice, and return to the upper platform (with the movable cover trolley). Move this trolley to the left, into the transparent pipe.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Return to the control panel and use it once. Then, drag the trolley from the left, all the way into the transparent pipe to the right.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Now go back to the control panel and use it once. Head up to the opened pipe and drag the trolley to the right, so that you can climb onto it and then pass through the pipe to the right.

On the other side of the pipe, make your way up over the platforms.

Then, go right to leave the treatment station.

Ignore the ladder here for now and go right to climb up onto the higher platform. Go past the scissor lift to push down the wooden board, and then drag the scissor lift onto the wooden board.

American Arcadia Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Scenes 18-19)

Backtrack to the ladder and climb up. Jump onto the scissor lift and beyond, until you find a wooden plank, and an interceptor beyond it.

Jump on the plank once and then climb on the crate right next to the plank. This will attract the interceptor’s attention, so jump right onto the plank again and go left.

When the interceptor jumps onto the plank, he will fall through, clearing the way for you.

Go right now until you reach a ladder going down. Use the down button at the ladder to descend it (simply going right causes you to fall off apparently).

Go right until you hit a dead end, which concludes this scene and chapter.

Head to the next part of our walkthrough of American Arcadia here! (Coming soon!)

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