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When Do Online Services End for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U?
10:01 am

Nintendo is ending online service support for the 3DS family, Wii U consoles, and the games fans can play on them.


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Nintendo to shut down online play across 3DS and Wii U as of “early April 2024”
10:00 am

Nintendo has announced it is ending online play services for both the 3DS and Wii U. These services will be terminated “as of early April 2024,” the company wrote in an update earlier today.

Nintendo has been steadily winding down its support for these older consoles, having sunsetted the eShop for both platforms last year. Of course, this had no effect on the online play capabilities of the games.

However, as of April next year, games on either the Wii U or 3DS will only be playable offline. This means “online cooperative play, internet rankings and data distribution” will also be affected. It also means no more online town hopping in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (pictured above).

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How to get Feebas & Milotic in Pokemon GO
9:04 am

Milotic In Pokemon GoPokemon Go hosts over 1,000 Pokemon for you to collect and evolve. Some Pokemon are a lot harder to evolve than others, but it’s worth the grind if you really want that specific Pokemon for sentimental or Pokedex reasons. Having a Milotic on your Pokedex is a pretty serious flex, considering the requirements. At least it’s a lot easier to evolve that the Magikarp, although having a Gyarados is a serious flex. Here’s how to get Feebas and evolve it into Milotic in Pokemon Go. How to get Feebas in Pokemon Go Feebas, in Pokemon Go, is a water-type. This means that you should be able to find the Pokemon near bodies of water. From lakes to rivers to even the ocean, this Pokemon has a chance of appearing. Interestingly, like real fishing, your chances of finding this Pokemon increase when it’s raining! Image via The Pokemon Company However, Feebas is a rare Pokemon, meaning you’ll probably have to search for a while before you find one. Using incen…


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