Nintendo announces Everybody 1-2 Switch for the end of June
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I love it when you 1-2 Switch

Nintendo dropped a bit of a surprise last night. Everybody 1-2 Switch, a follow-up to Switch launch title 1-2 Switch, is launching on June 30.

The listing popped up on the Nintendo eShop, prior to an official announcement on Twitter. It’s coming out digitally and physically on June 30 for $29.99.

According to the eShop description, you can use Joy-Con controllers or smart devices, with certain games only available in smart device mode.

As for what games you can play, there aren’t a ton of details. There’s everything from “balloons to aliens,” with a “mix” of games and modes. And also, whatever this horse-head guy is up to.

Players can split up into teams and compete, seeing who can win a certain number of games first. There are also some variations to add more challenge or rules, too.

Switching it up

While the actual announcement was a little out of the blue, we did hear about this sequel through a report last year. It was claimed to be in development, would include games like musical chairs and Bingo, and was also apparently not doing well in internal play-tests.

Now, at least, it seems like Nintendo is pushing this one out the door. Though it’s not really getting the pomp and circumstance you’d expect for a new release. Either way, looks like Switch parties will have something new to do at the end of the month.

It’s interesting that phones are playing a role too, as the original 1-2 Switch was a showcase for the Joy-Cons themselves. But at a lower price and with more readily available controllers than just Joy-Cons, we’ll see how this one fares on June 30.

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