Starminer tasks players with building an interstellar mining business
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Starminer has been revealed by Paradox Arc and Cool And Good Games, with the game set to be released into early access. The game will task players with building up a mining fleet from a single ship into a thriving business, but thrive too much and you will draw unwanted attention. That will necessitate in having to build defensive measures.

From a single hub the fleet will expand. Players will be add on solar panels, habitation modules, engineering modules, and mining. To grow mining is integral as well as resource management, which in turn leads to more research options being available to lead to more efficient technology. Growing too quickly without having defensive capabilities to match will lead to The Alien overwhelming the station, leaving your business empire in tatters.

In a development post, Cool And Good Games wrote, “In Starminer, the universe is more than just a pretty backdrop for exploration and conquest—it’s a playground for players to explore their creativity and long-term ambitions for their fleets. Central to the game’s creative ethos is the ability to design a variety of space stations that bring them toward their goals; whether it’s to mine resources, be a defensive power, colonization, energy production, or something else entirely. The dynamic and customizable nature of these different types of stations means that the player doesn’t only decide what their cosmic empire will be; it will become a unique reflection of their strategic prowess and imaginative flair.”

Starminer is due to be released into Early Access in 2024 via Steam.

Source: Steam

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