The Maw – 12th-17th February 2024
9:26 am
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It’s the middle of February, and the games are afoot. This week brings at least one major news event in the shape of a “business update” from Microsoft about “our vision for the future of Xbox”, which is widely rumoured to be the announcement that first-party Xbox titles will come to rival consoles. Why is this of interest to us, a PC gaming site? Well, because console gaming can’t help but shape the weather for PC gaming; more specifically, Microsoft’s alleged multiplatform ambitions seem to reflect the plateauing of Game Pass subscription growth, which has become the cornerstone of the Xbox biz.

If the rumours are true, it’s a time of much rejoicing for Switchers and StayPlationers desperate to get their mitts on the likes of Starfield. But of course, the only real winner here is the Maw, that ghastly extra-dimensional monster that hungers to gobble up the entire universe unless we can placate it with regular offerings of videogame news. Here are a few new PC games we’re minded to feed to the beast this week: surreal metroidvania Ultros (13th Feb); neoclassical multiplayer puzzler Islands Of Insight (13th Feb); period journo-botherer News Tower (13th Feb); colonial spook-hunting RPG Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden (13th Feb); bullet hell roguelike Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (14th Feb); retro Croft trilogy Tomb Raider I-III Remastered (14th Feb); hellish feuding sim Solium Infernum (14th Feb); also-hellish boarding sim Helskate (15th Feb); barmy animal sandbox Goat Simulator 3 (15th Feb); open ocean loot ’em up Skull And Bones (16th Feb).

As ever, you can keep track of this week’s news-gatherings and other nonsense in the Maw liveblog below. Did we miss an important game or announcement? Make haste to the comments to let us know about it.

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