The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert Live in Tokyo 2024 Is Now Available To Watch Free From Home
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Following the live performance, The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert Nintendo Live in Tokyo 2024 has now been unleashed onto the internet for fans to watch and listen to at home.

The pre-recorded Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert has finally made its way to YouTube today — although it launched on the Nintendo Japan YouTube a smidge earlier in the day — for fans everywhere to enjoy for absolutely FREE. This is following the cancellation of the Nintendo Live 2024 public event —and the Splatoon Koshien 2023 National Finals — following threats to public safety, as reported by VGC.

The breathtaking performance covers musical compositions from many titles out of The Legend of Zelda video game franchise, surprisingly starting with a song from the latest Tears of the Kingdom, and finishing with the original theme from the NES classic released way back in 1986, originally composed by Kōji Kondō. The entire orchestral arrangement can be watched just below.

YouTube video

The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert also provides fans with a necessary time stamp list, to help fans navigate to their favourite songs from the franchise at a whim. The orchestra concert tracklist is as follows:

  • Tears of the Kingdom: Main Theme (Reprise)
  • The Ballad of the Goddess
  • Zelda’s Lullaby
  • Link’s Awakening Medley 2024
  • Breath of the Wild: Main Theme
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Breath of the Wild: 2017 Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
  • Ocarina of Time: Kakariko Village
  • The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
The Legend Of Zelda Orchestra Concert Live In Tokyo 2024 Is Now Available To Watch Free From Home

Unfortunately, following the cancellation of the public Nintendo Live 2024 event, there have been no plans made thus far for further live concerts for Legend of Zelda Orchestra presentations, and there are no current live events scheduled for The Legend of Zelda Symphony. But, hopeful fans can follow the ZeldaOfficialJP X (formerly Twitter) account to stay tuned for future updates regarding orchestra presentations.

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