How to Spin Degrees While Airborne And On Foot in Fortnite TMNT
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The second round of TMNT quests is here in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, and they’re just asking us to spin around like a ballerina. Wait, you can actually do that in the game?

Whether it’s the weekly grind or those time-limited missions, these challenges constantly open my eyes to new possibilities. I mean, Dirt Bikes? They’ve been around, but who knew I could rack up a whopping 150,000 trick score in one shot? Thanks for pushing me to my limits, Epic. My teammates might hate me now, but hey, that’s the price of greatness. I’m sure the “Spin distance while airborne and on foot” drives you insane in Fortnite, but don’t worry, here are two ways to get it out of sight and out of mind.

How to Complete Spin Distance While Airborne and on Foot Quest in Fortnite

spin degrees in fortnite cheat
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To spin the distance while airborne and on foot in Fortnite, either consume flowberries and spin around as you jump or get a TMNT mythic weapon and use their special attack.

The easiest and fastest way to get this challenge done is probably not how Epic Games intended you to. So, if you’re into playing by the rules, you might want to skip to option B. One way to completely spin the distance while airborne and on foot in Fortnite is to adjust your mouse or controller sensitivity to the maximum, consume a Flowberry or Flowberry fizz, and take advantage of its effect to jump and spin around. If you spin for over 30 seconds, the challenge is complete.

To adjust Sensitivity, open your settings, look for Mouse or Controller settings in the top right corner, and adjust Sensitivity to the maximum. This will make playing the game super hard, but completing this challenge is relatively easy.

how to spin degrees in fortnite
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The second way to complete this challenge, and probably the intended way by Epic Games, is to get a mythic TMNT weapon from the TMNT vending machines or the hot air balloons that land near the end of the battle royale match. 

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If you use these weapons’ special power, you’ll get several spins while traveling the distance in Fortnite. While mythic weapons have three charges before cooling down, they don’t actually run out of “ammo.” So, just wait a few seconds to redo your spins and complete this quest in Fortnite.

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