10 best games like Palworld
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Palworld is a phenomenon. Yet, many players over in the Palworld subreddit are already flexing their end-game content. If you’ve already seen everything Palworld has to offer, then you may want to check out one of these games.

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Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Surival Of The Fittest
Image: Studio Wildcard

Everyone said that Palworld’s existence is a challenge to Pokémon. I, however, believed all along that it was a challenge to Ark Survival Evolved. Although you do capture monsters and do battle with them, there are so many more similarities to the latter game.

Survival, crafting, exploring, inhabiting a world with creatures you can tame, technology points, a level-based technology system, one metal resource that can be refined into different metals, rideable creatures, bosses, and even guns. All of these things are in both Palworld and Ark Survival Evolved. And there is still so much more.

If you enjoyed taming creatures and exploring a wonderful world loaded with secrets, then this is the game for you.

Ark Survival Ascended is the remastered version of Ark Survival Evolved and is the rendition I’d recommend as there are many improvements.


Rust Image
Image: Facepunch Studios

One of the attractions of Palworld is sharing the same world with many others. Being able to form guilds and cohabitate or challenge each other is exciting, and allows for roleplaying if among friends. Rust also shares this feature and also sets you in a harsh survival world.

Although there are no monsters to catch or tame, you may be looking for something a little more hardcore if you especially enjoyed the multiplayer survival element. Like in Palworld, you have the freedom to build what you need and get to rock an impressive arsenal of weapons.

There is also plenty of PvE content to engage in if you’d rather team up than face down.


Minecraft's Sixth Combat Test Removes Coyote Time' Amongst Other Changes (1)
Image: Mojang Studios

I was initially hesitant to put Minecraft on this list, as I initially thought that there were no similarities whatsoever. However, it is a survival craft game that also has untold secrets and bosses to take down. Although you can’t tame Pal-like creatures in Minecraft, having a bunch of dogs by your side will still make you feel powerful.

Build what you wish, how you wish, and explore the lands in search of loot and opportunities for creation. There is always something new to explore, and although there isn’t any level system, you may find your experience better without one.

And if vanilla Minecraft isn’t for you, then there’s always the insane modding community that can come to the rescue.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Fortified Village
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Keeping on the Minecraft theme, Minecraft Legends may be more to your taste than the original. In Legends, you’ll be commanding a force of other creatures, classic and new, to take on hordes of the enemy.

Although it is an RTS and not exactly a survival game, you’ll still be exploring, crafting, and building. Thanks to the Allays, you’ll be constructing buildings and you’ll get to watch them work. The fun of owning a force and going to battle, as well as exploring a wonderful environment, is here all the same as in Palworld.

You might find that RTS is a genre you never knew you loved.

Any Pokémon game

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet The Indigo Disk Starters Featured Image
Image: Game Freak

Alright, I’ll finally cover it. Almost any of the Pokémon games will be similar enough to the main attraction of Palworld – the Pals. I could have filled this list with numerous different Pokémon games, but I thought I’d bunch them all together instead.

Two titles do stick out to me: Pokémon Arceus and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Both of these games are popular and have 3D graphics. Although Game Freak has come under fire recently for taking shortcuts as they release Pokémon games that lack true iteration and innovation, these titles will surely scratch the pocket monster itch.

If you want some classic creature-capturing fun, then look no further than Pokémon.


Iron Gate Ab Details Valheim Development Roadmap For 2021 (1)
Image: Iron Gate AB

Valheim may seem rather distant from Palworld. Their graphics are as far divorced as their themes, and that’s not to mention there are no pocket monsters to catch in Valheim.

However, what Valheim does is offer a greatly immersive and exciting world to explore. Team up with your buddies and create a village, or venture into the unknown. There are great mysteries and things to be sought, as well as awful dangers and bosses.

So if you liked the exploration in Palworld, then you’ve seen nothing yet.

Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon World Next Order
Image: HYDE, inc

Digimon World: Next Order is another mighty monster-catching RPG that had a TV series. More akin to Palworld than any Pokémon game, you may thoroughly enjoy your time creating insane evolutions and partaking in real-time combat with foes.

Digimon has always been somewhat extreme in its Digivolutions. And having enjoyed the lunacy that is Palworld, that may be right up your alley. You’ll be exploring, training your Digimon, looking after your Digimon, and saving the world.

Although it’s not a survival crafting game, Digimon World: Next Order has a lot of elements also present in Palworld that you’ll enjoy.


Image: Crema

Temtem is both surprisingly similar, yet dissimilar to Palworld. Yes, it is a multiplayer world inhabited by creatures that you can capture, but it’s an airborne archipelago.

There is plenty to do outside of capturing and fighting, such as fishing or customizing your house. The world is expansive and exciting to explore, and the art style is rather reminiscent of Palworld itself.

So if you want to capture more creatures alongside a friend, then go for it in Temtem.

Cult of the Lamb

Blood Moon Festival In Cult Of The Lamb
Image: Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb isn’t exactly an open-world survival game, but it is a game of fighting, building a community, and growing a family. And by that, I mean you’ll be raising a cult. Which is what many did in Palworld, anyway. Subjugating victims to work away for you without a shadow of a doubt in their minds.

If you enjoyed building a community in Palworld and inhabiting it, then Cult of the Lamb will have many features you find attractive. You can raise your cult as you wish, and you have ultimate power over everything that goes down.

For a power trip like Palworld, give Cult of the Lamb a try.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2
Image: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 may be more of a story game than Palworld, but it includes everything you’d want. Epic and rideable Monsties that you can take into battle. If you enjoyed Palworld for the epic fights and cool monster collecting, then this game has that in spades.

Even if the writing is a little corny for your liking, you can easily look past it to enjoy the combat and process of catching the Monstie eggs to hatch them. Even though it is fun to bludgeon Pals close to death before capturing them, Monster Hunter Stories 2 still has an enjoyable process.

For awesome fights with your Monsties, check this game out.

Now that you have a great selection of different games that are like Palworld, why don’t you check out the best Pal breeding fusions if you aren’t ready to let go just yet?

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