Roblox Find The Keys Flower Key Guide
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Feature image for our Roblox Find The Keys Flower Key guide. It shows the jar with the green lid in the Kitchen area.

Looking to fill out your World 2 list and get the double jump? Stuck finding one especially elusive key? Well, we’ve got your back. Our Roblox Find The Keys Flower Key guide is here to help you out. We’ve outline the whole process to make it easy.

Find The Keys is a Roblox game where you set out to hunt down the hidden items scattered all across different rooms. The rooms are sized up so you’ve got a bit of ground to cover on the way. Hop across the house and look in every corner. There are several different worlds, each with a number of keys to find.

Lost? Don’t worry, each key comes with a little hint about where it is. If that’s not enough to find it.. well that’s where we come it. Let us know any other problem keys in the comments and we’ll try and point you in exactly the right direction.

Want to try it out? Check out Find The Keys on Roblox. Want some more Roblox guides? We’ve got one on how to fly in Animal Simulator.

Roblox Find The Keys Flower Key Guide

So, where’s the key? Follow the steps to find out exactly where to go. You can also check the image for a decent indication.

  • Head into the Kitchen world. (World 2).
  • Walk forwards and down the ramp on the kitchen floor.
  • Run up the yellow broom on the right, leaning against the counter top.
  • Turn right and head along the counter, past the yellow bag.
  • Look for a white jar with a bright green lid.
  • Go up to the jar and walk into it. You should pass straight through the surface.
  • The Flower Key will pop up on your screen.

That’s the Flower Key acquired… only nineteen more keys to go to complete The Kitchen, best get cracking!

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