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In Content Warning you play the role of a content creator exploring an abandoned and spooky world with your friends. Along the way you record what you encounter on the strange world as well as the different interactions you and your friends get involved in. When you return home you upload your recording and get a number of views based on what you filmed. Here’s how to get more views based on the content you record in Content Warning.

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How to get more views in Content Warning
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How to get more views in Content Warning

The best way to get more views in Content Warning is to record as many unique separate thing as you can. The big thing is monsters and entities. But, you do also get an increase in views for recording other unique objects such as a bones, skulls, and other items you can pick up. You also want to record things you discover in the environment like the Diving Bell and Lasers. Finally, record your friends doing anything exciting like falling, getting attacked or hurt in some way, or even doing emotes.

Here’s all the different things you can do to get more views:

High amount of views

  • Film unique enemies. Every enemy you record will give you a nice chunk of views. However, each monster only increases your views once per recording. Therefore, it’s best to record different enemies.
  • Engage in combat with the monsters and record it. This is a lot easier once you unlock the Shock Stick for $400. But even before then, there are many things laying around that you can use to smack around the entities a bit with. Just make sure you get it on camera!

Average amount of views

  • Various items scattered around the old world. Anything you can pick up and interact with, like bones and skulls, film it for views.
  • Any of the lasers you can find. For whatever reason viewers find the lasers cool and scary!
  • Friends getting hurt. Record your friends getting hurt in a variety of different ways including getting attack by entities, falling from high elevations, and taking environmental damage.
  • Your dead friends. A bit morbid but…content, right? If any of your friends die when you’re down at the old world, make sure you record it as it will bring viewers.

Low amount of views

  • Random points of your adventure in the old world. This includes new environments you haven’t found before, your friends simply traversing through the old world, and unique doodads like the Diving Bell you come to the old world in.
  • Other player interactions including talking and emoting. If any of your friends have purchased emotes, make sure you are recording them when they perform the emote as it will increase your viewers. Recording them when they chat in-game will as well.

What do you get for having lots of views?

Now that we know how to get lots of views in Content Warning, why do we want them? The primary reason is that the number of viewers you obtain converts to generating income after each successful video. You can use the funds from these videos to purchase a variety of items including flashlights, emotes, stun sticks, and other cool gadgets that will ad you in progressing through the old world as well as creating exciting content. And at the end of the day, it’s all about the content in Content Warning!

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