Monopoly Go! Tips & Tricks (Full Strategy Guide)
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Monopoly Go! is surprisingly fun despite trying to port a classic family board game to the mobile gaming space. However, there are a lot of confusing mechanics in the game.

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If you’ve played Monopoly in the past, much of this will seem familiar, but there are still some confusing bits. Don’t worry; I’ll cover all bases and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to conquer the boards. Here’s a list of Monopoly Go! Strategies to help you win.

Tips and Tricks for Succeeding in Monopoly Go!

Here are a few additional tips and tricks for doing well in Monopoly Go!

Join the Discord

The Monopoly Go! Discord is a fantastic way of getting additional help in the game. The server contains hundreds of thousands of players, many of whom are long-time vets at the game. You’ll be swimming in strategies in no time.

Remember to Grab the Free Gift Every 8 Hours

There’s an in-game gift available at the store that you can grab once per eight hours. You can get stickers, cash, dice and more in these gifts, making them very worthwhile to get. Make sure to check in at least 2-4 times a day to load up in freebies.

Use Your Dice Multipliers Wisely

You’ll typically want to save the dice multipliers when you are about 6-7-8 spaces apart from your desired target. The reason for this is because those numbers have the highest chance of being rolled.

Claim Free Dice Rolls

There are many ways to earn free dice rolls. For instance, you can often find links on social media that provide free dice rolls. Regularly logging into the app and completing in-game tasks such as finishing sticker albums and boards can also yield free rolls. Lastly, participating in daily missions and collecting daily shop gifts are other ways to accumulate more dice rolls.

How to Play Monopoly Go!?

Monopoly GO Full Board
Image via Scopely

The rules of Monopoly Go! are straightforward. When we load into your board, we first want to select a token (props that represent our spot on the board) and gather as much cash as possible. I did this by setting my dice multiplier to the highest number, in my case, five, which allowed me to get five times the amount of money per dice roll. This number can increase based on half the number of dice we’re carrying, with a normal cap of one hundred dice.

Once we’ve gathered enough cash, we can buy and upgrade properties, which change visually as we pour more resources into them. There are five properties we can purchase and upgrade on each board, and once we’ve upgraded them all, we’ll proceed to the next board. I’m on board sixty-three, and there seems to be no end in sight. Another tip for newcomers is to save your money until you can buy and upgrade all five properties, as friends and other players can wreck your properties and force you to spend more to fix them.

I didn’t see a multiplier higher than five when I first started playing, but after completing the first couple of boards, the number gradually rose as I earned more dice. As a side note, everything is purchasable with real money, from dice to cash, so there is a small pay-to-progress factor in Monopoly Go, but it doesn’t do much of anything, and I was able to place in the top three in multiple tournaments just by playing casually. Keep that in mind if you feel the game is progressing too slowly in the early stages.

How Do Squares Work in Monopoly Go!?

How Do Squares Work in Monopoly GO
Screenshot by Gamepur

In Monopoly Go!, each square has an RPG-like leveling system in the form of monetary value that changes as you move up the boards. One trick is that the amount can be increased using the multiplier by multiples of that number, and if you roll a double, you’ll get a bonus amount of cash as well. There are special squares that’ll be familiar to veteran Monopoly players, such as Chance, Railroad, Community Chest, Free Parking, Go to Jail, Income Tax, and Luxury Tax. The trick to knowing how to get rich in Monopoly Go! is understanding how each square works and taking advantage of their special effects, which include:

Square Square Effect
Chance Has multiple effects that change at random depending on which card you draw. This can be anything from a money grab, which tasks the player to tap the cash on screen for more money, to taking a trip to the nearest railroad square.
Railroad Landing on this square offers us two minigames, which can reward us with a bunch of cash. The first of those being Bank Heist, which tasks us to match up three items from diamond rings, coins, and money stacks. The second minigame is Shutdown, where we can visit other boards to wreck other players’ properties and steal their cash.
Community Chest The community chest square is used to gather money every time you land on it. Once it reaches a certain amount of cash from multiple players on our board, we will have the opportunity to open it and earn cool prizes like cash, stickers, and more dice!
Free Parking Free parking usually does nothing, but every once in a while, the game will activate a special event that allows the free parking square to gather cash when we land on a specific square similar to the community chest. When this happens, the player will earn all the saved-up cash when landing on the Free Parking Square.
Go To Jail Unlike the board game, in Monopoly Go!, we have the chance to skip jail entirely if we roll a double in three tries. If we fail to roll a double in three tries, we’ll just have to pay a fee to exit jail; no waiting is required.
Income Tax/ Luxury Tax Both of these squares are bad and should be avoided. If they land, both will take a percentage of the cash you’re holding at the time.

How Do Events Work In Monopoly Go!

Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO
Screenshot by Gamepur

In Monopoly Go!, events are random, scheduled, and plentiful! The main event you’ll come across will run for two days and involve a competitive ladder that we’ll advance on every time we land on any of the event squares listed above. The prizes are usually in the form of more cash and dice, a lot more cash and dice, so a lot of them are worth doing as they pop up. A quick tip: be sure to participate in the animated events when they appear. I recently participated in the Egyptian-themed Treasures event, where I had to dig up treasures for useful rewards like dice, cash, stickers, and unique tokens.

What Are Stickers In Monopoly Go!?

A collection of Gold Cards
Screenshot by Gamepur

In Monopoly Go! Stickers are collectibles that are sorted into various themed decks and can offer rewards once the set is complete. There are special golden cards that are rare and only earnable in certain packs. As a tip, be sure to hold off from trading any stickers until your chest has a 3 next to it. Once you see that, trade them in for a huge prize.

What is Monopoly Go!

Monopoly GO Logo
Image via Scopely

Monopoly Go! is a mobile rework of the famous and timeless board game Monopoly, developed by Scopely for iOS and Android. The game was initially released globally in April 2023, and since then, it has grown to include millions of players around the globe and counting. Even though I started recently, I have seen plenty of new players around my level joining regularly.

Monopoly Go! isn’t too hard to master once you know a thing or two. Be sure to check out our guide for the best cheats in Monopoly Go! as well.

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