Type Soul Oetsu Puffer Guide
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Feature image for our Type Soul Oetsu Puffer guide. It shows a character visiting the KT Raid Shop.

Want to harness the drip power of The God Of The Sword? You’re in the right place. Our Type Soul Oetsu Puffer guide is all about the iconic coat and what it has to offer.

Type Soul is out now on Roblox. We also have a Type Soul Black Elixir guide, to help you get to grips with another pivotal item.

Type Soul Oetsu Puffer Guide

First we’ll talk a bit about the coat, then some on how to equip accessories if you’re stumped on that.

About The Oetsu Puffer

Oetsu Puffer is an accessory item that your character can equip. You can win accessories through being on the winning team in a Raid, or through drops from bosses. The Oetsu Puffer is a long puffer jacket, like the White Puffer, but without any sleeves. It’s classified as a Legendary accessory, so it’s in one of the rarer categories.

Having the Oetsu Puffer equipped gives you the following stat boosts:

  • +10 Extra HP
  • +10 Posture

You can’t wear more than one of certain accessories at once, so choose wisely. The Oetsu Puffer is restricted to Soul Reaper characters. Sorry Arrancar and Quincy!

How To Equip The Oetsu Puffer

If you’ve got hold of the item, but you’re a little uncertain how to put it on with Type Soul’s peculiar inventory system, we’ve detailed the steps below.

  • Open your skills and items menu by hitting the N key, or using the touchscreen.
  • Hit the ‘Next’ button at the bottom to scroll along the different lists until you hit the ‘Accessories’ list.
  • Find the Oetsu Puffer on the list, and tap or click on it. A status window should appear on the left side.
  • Hit the ‘Equip’ button at the bottom of the status window to put the accessory on.
  • You should get your stat boosts straight away!

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